Accessories for Folding Bikes

foldingbike-accessoriesI am a huge fan of cycling, and most of all my folding bike, I have had one since I got my first job in the city and they are fantastic for traveling, first of all once you have your best folding bike, then you are going to need some accessories, so please check out my list of everything you need on top of your folding bike.

Carrier racks

These folks are extremely useful in creating extra space for carrying things on your Folding bikes. There are two main sorts of racks: rear racks and front racks.

Rear racks are instalfolding-bike accessories-rear-rackled above the back wheel of your bikes. It is not hard to install carrier rear racks but rather your bike needs required mounting locations. When you load a large amount of stuff on the back of your bike, it is also easier to ride than having the stuff on the front. This is the reason rear racks are more suitable for heavy carriage.

Front racks, in contrast to rear rack, are installed over the front wheel of your bikes. They are less preferable to rear racks in term of carrying heavy load of things because it causes trouble in controlling the ride. Front racks are more suitable to holding light load.

Carrying bags

Folding bike accessories-carrying-bagsIf you have to fly oversea and want to take a Folding bike with you, a carrying bag is exceedingly prescribed to keep your bike secured and ensured safely. It avoids your bike from scratching or rubbing with sharp things. In addition, a carrying bag is exceptionally helpful to wrap up your bike. With a padded shoulder strap, you are able to carry effortlessly on your shoulders and your hands are kept allowed to handle different things.

Folding bike accessories-lockNever spend your cash on cheap and easy-to-break locks because you may trade off hundreds bucks put resources into your Folding bikes. It is very prescribed to purchase great quality locks to keep you’re Folding bike safe from criminals, especially when you regularly park your bike out in the open places, for example, pavements, parks, and so on. Costs of locks also vary broadly however with under $50 you can easily locate a decent one already.


Mirrors are literally your third eye – which gives you a perspective of what vehicles you without your turning back. It is basically all about your safety amid the ride. Folding bikes are normally not furnished with mirrors but rather you can easily get one for an affordable amount of cash.


Alike mirrors, lights are another important things to enhance you’re riding safety especially when you ride in the nighttimes, through rain or mist. Lights are also cheap and exceptionally adaptable for most bikes.


There are clearly many more things you can add to your Folding bike, for example, speedometer (for following along on your speed), seat spread, stems, ringers, and so forth. The likelihood is immense upon your own needs. In this post, just most basic accessories are incorporated. They are probably first things you want to purchase to add you’re Folding bikes.

How To Use An Air Fryer!

air-fryerAre you hearing so much about it lately and you feel like you really need to get one yourself? Do you need some last confirmations or advice’s before making up your mind? Here are some useful advice’s of what you should know about good air fryer.

Before running into just plain fried potatoes, try to find some interesting recipes that include fried food through hot air fries that might really intrigue you.

If a friend has already gotten it, try some sample food and consider the taste.

The most significant element of this invention is the lack of oil during the cooking process. Do you really need to go oil-free? Is your whole family going to approve and want to actually move from deep fry to air fryer? Otherwise, you might risk stashing it in the kitchen drawer and almost never using it.

Be prepared fro the loud noise coming from the air fry machine, as sometimes (this happened for real) people return their products to the stores claiming that they did not know about the noise and they cannot deal with it. We are not saying that it is unbearable but if you are really sensitive of noises, you should probably see and hear one while operating even before buying it.

  • Consider the fact that should you already have an oven or a microwave, you most probably do not really need to go for it.
  • Consider the fact that there are so many models out there that have different features available, so you might want to choose the ones that are important to you and avoid paying for other ones.
  • Consider the fact that you can prepare different kinds of food using it and you should remember which kind is the one you usually prepare. If it involves rise or similar ones, you should get the Hot Air Fry that has a paddle also.
  • Remember how often and in what quantities would you use it. Do you usually prepare food just for yourself or you also host small gatherings and parties? This way you can better estimate how big you want yours to be.
  • Consider different models that come with different prices, so you buy for just those features you need. Also, look for sales or promotions and also do some research on different websites that compare prices so you look for the most convenient one.

How Alcohol Amplifies Your Snoring

snoring-alcoholHow many times have you gone out drinking and felt like you couldn’t wait to hit the sheets for sleep? You may have thought you were going to sleep like a log all night too. But that is a very common mistake we all make. The perception that after a few drinks, we sleep a lot better, and yes I am talking about my daring husband, an avid snorer.

Alcohol is a depressant and therefore does have relaxing effects to your body, but it is far from the best sleep aid you can use. In fact it can worsen your symptoms if you suffer from snoring every night.

How Alcohol Effects Your Quality Of Sleep

When you sleep your brain goes through two different sleep processes—rapid eye movement [REM] and non-rapid eye movement [NREM].

During NREM your body moves, however your brains activity is slowed down. Your pulse rates and blood pressure will stay consistently steady but your brain has gone into recharge mode. When you move into the REM stage, your sleep process is in depth and there is very low body movements.

The more alcohol you drink, the faster you fall asleep—but that directly affects how long you stay in the NREM stage. With not enough time in the REM cycle of sleep, your body doesn’t get the rest that it needs. Resulting in heavy body fatigue, which I am sure you have experienced during your hangovers.

Alcohol & Snoring

As we mentioned above, alcohol is a depressant. It gives your brain the pleasure signals that you desire to give you the confidence to go out there and make a fool of yourself unknowingly. But when this is happening it also is slowing down your brain, and relaxing your muscles at an alarming rate.

This is great for those who are looking to let loose, and relieve some stress. But to someone who suffers from snoring, it can amplify their symptoms greatly.

SnoreBore, advised us that snoring is caused when your airway is obstructed with your tongue or when your throat is folded by a sunken back jaw. When you drink alcohol the sedative effect it gives makes both of these obstructions to occur.

This can actually become very dangerous if you suffer from these symptoms. These obstructions cause sleep apnea and can make you actually even feel like your suffocating. Disrupting your sleep cycle, and causing for extremely loud snoring.

Snoring and Hangovers

Alcohol can hinder breathing, decrease your O2 levels, and hurt your bodies tissues. While your liver may metabolize alcohol quickly, the byproducts remain in the bloodstream for a while. This toxic substances work together to give you a lack of quality sleep—which results in your hangovers.

Setting Time Limits – iPads

Are you upset about your children wasting time on the iPads?
ipadsettingsUntil now, I have not heard about the perfect way in order to set the time restrictions on my iPad. I was expecting an app, which would begin and lock after the set time period as quickly as my kids picked the ipad and starts playing the game. In fantasy world, I must be checking her use quite closely however just like other busy and hard working parents, I usually get unfocused and missed track of the time.

Nevertheless, I have created the work around which will serve the best purpose until you discover something better than this. All you have to do is to set this timer manually and its application precise. When it comes to me, I want to restrict the total quantity of time, my daughter used to spend on the Mine craft.

How you can set the Time Limits:

Primarily, you should have iOS 8 because it contains the Directed Access Feature. After that go to the settings->then go to General-> and then go to Accessibility and then turn on this directed access feature.

Whenever, your kid is in app/ website/game, if you simply triple click “Home” on your device, a list of options for setting desired time restriction will eventually show up in the lowest right hand place. Just select the total amount of the time you truly want.

A prior warning will be provided to the kids when they will be near to the set time limit.

After that, black screen appears for informing the kids that time limit has been reached.

Now it totally up to you that either you are willing to give the kids extra time or not.

In the end I would like to say that please leave your precious comments below. Moreover, if you think that you have a good solution apart from this then please do share it with me.

Book Review: Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

hansFairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen” was sent by the Parragon Books for reviewing purpose. I truly like this book. This book is very attractively bound and images are beautiful. Initially, I read the amazing little Mermaid with my sweet daughter who got fascinated by its story. The story is quite factual to the novel as it didn’t end with a the happy note. The story revolves around a little Mermaid who was captured to be made an angel plus doesn’t get the chance to meet the prince of her dreams. I was weeping as I finish the story. I felt the similar feeling after reading the incredible Fur Tree. It was quite a depressing story however; I found this story very interesting. After finishing it, I clarified to my kids about the ethics. Moreover, how and why some stories contains a moral. Moral is message, which is conveyed through the stories.
Moreover, I explained the hidden message behind the end result of Fir Tree story i.e. tries to enjoy the current time and do not worry about the past happenings. Furthermore, do not always want to be older or bigger or to go back in past time. I clarified that how Fir Tree was sad when it ends, as he wanted his precious time left when he lived in the lovely forest with various other trees.
Here an important question is that do kids really enjoy happy conclusions? According to me, happy conclusions are good for kids however; I surely think there should be a special place for stories of the Andersen. Happy conclusions give the kids a clear sense of outer world and life is quite unpredictable. Lastly, i am anxiously waiting to read more stories when kids are free and with me during this week.
I would recommend it for the kids.